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A community of midwives and moms interested in preserving natural pregnancy and childbirth.

Corpus Christi Birth Center

Who We Are

We are a community of women who are moms or moms-to-be who believe pregnancy and childbirth are a natural intent of the female design. Therefore, the foundation of health care for pregnancy and birth should never just be treated as another "medical condition." The fundamental belief that both pregnancy and birth are both natural and by design, is the best foundation for successful maternity care. This difference in care has been proven to lead to less interventions with better outcomes for both mother and baby. This community is lead by the midwives of the Corpus Christi Birth Center who share our belief in natural pregnancy and birth and work to preserve the health and sanctity of mothers and babies in a safe environment.

Who Should Join Us

If you are support natural pregnancy and childbirth and believe it is by design that women were created to give birth; if you support the midwives model of care and the midwives of the Corpus Christi Birth Center, we believe you would fit well within this community of likeminded women. 

Or, perhaps you are seeking to understand natural pregnancy or childbirth better? If you want to learn more about this approach to pregnancy and birth, we invite you to join us to learn. 

We do not limit membership by your location, choice of care provider, or planned place of birth.  This is not a place to complain about providers or others. Our community standards are to provide a place for respectful dialogue and the "golden rule" applies here. We welcome questions and differing view points, but do not allow profane language, gossip or disrespect for others within our community.

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